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Collections are special groupings of patterns that are sold together at an economical price. Unlike our regular pattern sets, most collections are only offered in a single format to facilitate downloading and generous price breaks. Back-up discs are available at additional cost.

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About Pro-Q Panto Lite and Ordering Patterns

Our patterns for hand guided quilting are provided in PPF format which are usable by Pro-Q Panto Lite - which is available FREE here on our website. The patterns are a special format that allows you to resize and fit patterns for your specific quilts. It essentially gives you many of the benfits that for hand-guided quilting that are usually only available to those with computerized systems.

IMPORTANT - THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON DIGITAL GOODS. We only support the Pro-Q Panto Lite file format for adjusting and printing out patterns for hand-guided quilting.

Here are some answers to questions that we often get asked:

How do I get my patterns after I order?
Once you pay for your patterns, DO NOT close the window and you will be returned to our website. If you are logged out, simply log back in again. Under MY ACCOUNT on the menu, choose Download My Files.

I downloaded the pattern but can't open them. What's wrong?
If the set you ordered contained MULTIPLE patterns, they are in a ZIP file. Open the folder where you downloaded the pattern and "double click" on the little yellow folder with the zipper on it. Your files are inside. You will need to copy the files and paste them into the folder where you store your patterns OR drag and drop them there.

Do I have to create an account? Why?
We need a way to deliver your patterns and STORE them for you so that you can download them if you have a computer crash. This is MUCH better than e-mailing patterns as there is NO WAIT and when e-mailing they can often be blocked by spam and/or virus checkers. It is our intention for orders on your account to remain active for AT LEAST 5 YEARS. We DO NOT store any financial info on our website!

Where do you get your ideas for patterns?
Wow! That's hard to answer... Sometimes I'm doodling and it comes to me, then sometimes looking at a quilt gives me inspiration for creating something that will "fit". However, I also get a lot of requests from customers and that helps keep our ideas fresh.

Do you use Clip Art?
Yes and no. It is very hard to create original art these days that is something that no one has ever used before. All of us get ideas from past experiences. That is one of the reasons most designers won't look at another designer's website! So if someone makes a request, I will often go through many of my royalty free sources. I may or may not actually use the clipart, but it gives me the idea on which way to go!

Can I get a CD of my patterns?
Yes, we charge $5 for a CD for CURRENT ORDERS ONLY. Researching and creating a CD based on past orders takes hours in many cases. We would need to charge you based on the time it takes if you decide you would like a backup of all your pattern later!

Is there a way to order without an paying online?
There are several ways:

  1. BY FAX - When you are finished shopping, Print your shopping cart.  Download, print and add your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, CREDIT CARD NUMBER, EXPIRY DATE AND CVV# (3digits on the back of the card).  Fax the shopping cart print out and this info to us at 512.519.1661.  If you do not want to put all your credit card info on the order form you can also phone us with that information at 254.771.0334. We will attach your patterns to an account you setup online for downloading.
  2. BY E-MAIL - When you are finishing shopping, you can cut and paste your shopping cart into either an e-mail or a document you attach.  If you prefer, you can also make a list of the patterns you want.  If you make a list, we need the Pattern Number, the name AND the price so that we don't make a mistake filling your order..  Make sure your e-mail contains your billing and shipping address (one is fine if they are the same) and your phone number.  You can then call us with your credit card info.  Unfortunately we cannot keep your card on file, so you will need to phone every time. We will attach your patterns to an account you setup online for downloading.
  3. BY POSTAL MAIL - Please include a printout of the shopping cart and the same info as required for fax ordering.  If you are paying by check, we will wait for it to clear before patterns become available for download or are shipped.  Delay can be 10 days if you are out of state.  If you supply a Postal Money Order we will ship and/or upload within 2 business days of receipt. We will attach your patterns to an account you setup online for downloading.
  4. BY PHONE - While we are not always available, we can call you back if you leave a message!  Once more, we cannot retain your credit card info for future orders, so you will need to call back. We will attach your patterns to an account you setup online for downloading.