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1000X - Flutter Heart

1001X - Victorian Simplicity

1002X - Wheat Berries

1003X - Flame On

1004X - Easy Tulip

1005X - Open Feather Heart

1006X - Open Feathers Too

1007X - Victorian Dreams

1008X - Leaf & Scroll

1009X - 579 Feathers

1010X - Wildflowers

1011X - Mysterio

1012X - Floral Mix & Match 1

1013X - Chinese Zodiac

1014X - Child's Alphabet

1015X - To the Dogs Motifs

1016X - To the Dogs E2E

1017X - New Baby Girl

1018X - Tropical Paradise

1019X - Circus 1

1020X - Circus Performers

1021X - Trattoria 1

1022X - Flame Flower

1023X - A Little Lacey

1024X - New Baby Boy

1025X - Delicate Teardrops

1026X - Going Japanese

1027X - Greco-Roman

1028X - Illusions 1

1029X - Now Cooking

1030X - Extreme Sports

1031X - Big Butterflies

1032X - Afternoon Tea

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1038X03 - Aethetics 1 - Triangle 1

$ 8.00

1038X04 - Aethetics 1 - Triangle 2

$ 8.00

1038X05 - Aethetics 1 - Border and Corner 1

$ 14.00

1038X06 - Aethetics 1 - Border and Corner 2

$ 14.00

AB1001 - Viner Flower Panto by Alice

A great pattern for background fills or for a border.

A nice, simple pattern with a variety of uses. Provided at 10", it sewed fine in our test from 5" - 12".

$ 9.00

AB1002 - USA Map by Alice

A rectangular patriotic motif pattern.

A super pattern with minimal overstitching. Pattern is 10" high and just under 14". Please test when resizing. Our tests let us sew out fine up to 18", but smaller sizes require stitch length set quite short to allow for the detail in the lettering.

$ 12.00

AB1003 - Cheering Bear by Alice

A tradional college-style cheering bear.

Provided 12" high, this great bear would be super on a cheer leaders quilt! Tested from 8" - 16" with satisfactory sewing.

$ 10.00

AB1004 - Party Balloons Panto by Alice

Great collection of stylish balloons in an all over pattern.

A super edge to edge pattern that "naturally" interlocks. While rather dense, this is a great pattern for a quilt that will be washed often. Provided 12" high, it is recommended to be sewn no smaller than 8". However, it also sewed out fine at 18"!

$ 14.00

AB1005 - Flower and Fleur by Alice - E2E

A beautiful flower surrounded by fleur shaped leaves.

Minimal overstitching make this pattern fairly fast sewing. Pattern interlocks slightly so very little overlap is necessary. Provided 12" tall, but we resized it to 6" and 14" for testing and it sewed beautifully.

$ 10.00

AB1006 - Alices Flowers 1 - E2E

A wonderful design that unlike many garden patterns, interlocks beautifully!

Provided 12" tall, this design sewed out great from 8" to 16" high. It creates suprisingly even quilting and interlocks beautifully with a slight overlap (5%).

$ 10.00

AB1007 - Alices Funny Dragon - E2E

A great kid's type drawing is great for a fantasy quilt for the younger set!

We suggest this pattern primarily as a border. While it is provided 10" high, we recommend that it be sewn pretty much at that size! While it can sew out a bit smaller, the zigzags for the spine may cause your system to lose steps unless sewn out very slowly. We tested it at 7", and as long as it was sewn slowly, it was fine. We do not recommend this pattern much larger because there will be a large unquilted area as the pattern does not really interlock. So please test and see if you find the space pleasing before sewing.

$ 8.00

AB1008 - Alices Fall Mushrooms - E2E

An unusual pattern with a distinct Autumn flavor

Most Fall patterns feature leaves or pumpkins, but somehow this pattern seems to capture the flavor of the season perfectly! Provided 12" high, we tested this pattern from 7" - 16" and it sewed perfectly. This is a great pattern for a Thanksgiving quilt - and we would even consider using it smaller on a wall hanging. Note that this pattern must be staggered/offset 50% every other row to interlock effectively.

$ 12.00

AB1009 - Alice Flower Triangle

A delicate floral triangle

This pattern is primarily designed as a corner triangle or for use in framing a block. It has a bit of overstitching for the flowers, and because it is rather intricate, must be sewn out rather slowly for best results. Pattern is provided with a short side of 10" high and we sewed it out at 8" - 15" successfully.

$ 5.00

AB1010 - Alices Diaper Pins 1 - E2E

An excellent moderate density background pattern for a baby quilt.

Minimal overstitching and a moderate density make this pattern a great choice. Provided 8" high, we found the that size the ideal choice to create a durable background fill to withstand multiple washings! However, pattern can be sewn effectively from 6" to 12". Pattern interlocks to create an even look without "tunneling" between rows.

$ 10.00

AB1011 - Alices Baby Shoe Loops 1 - E2E

A great pattern sure to survive multiple washings!

This pattern creates a wonder textured background with the contrast between the baby shoes and the loops, resulting in an attractive pattern that is also durable. Provided 12" high, this pattern was tested as small as 8" and as large as 14" to good effect. The pattern "naturally" intelocks, so there is no overlap required. Simply sew out row after row.

$ 10.00

AB1012 - Alices Up and Down Baby Shoes - E2E

A less dense version of this popular pattern

Designed for borders, or as an edge to edge for machines with limited throat depths. Pattern is provided at approximately 5" tall. Effective sewing size is 4" - 7". Pattern "naturally" interlocks without overlap to create a pleasing background fill.

$ 8.00

AB1013 - Alices Vintage Number Motifs

A marvelous set of 10 vintage numbers for a child's quilt.

This set is unique! When quilted with a contrasting thread on plain fabric, they appear to be embroidered. Each number in the set has a different feature that corresponds to the numeric value - e.g.2 scoops of ice cream, 8 teeth, etc. It is a great way to create a quilt that will also be a GAME for a youngster. Provided 12" high, they can easily be sewn as small as 6" with good results.

$ 36.00

AB1014 - Alices Goofy Elephant - E2E

A unique cartoon rendition in a fast-sewing edge to edge pattern

Provided 10" high, we tested this pattern as small as 5" with good results. It has a small amount of overstitching, but still sews out relatively fast. It can be sewn row after row or with every other row offset/staggered 50% . It has the unique quality of "naturally" interlocking regardless of which method of placing rows is used - meaning that you need to leave no space in between rows and no overlap to achieve excellent results.

$ 8.00

AB1015 - Alices Goofy Dog - E2E

A sophisticated, yet funny dog that can be sewn continuously

Provided 10" tall, we sewed this pattern out at 6" with good results. It is quite detailed, but the results are well worth it. Because of the space in between the repeats, we don't recommend sewing it out at more than the provided size. A great pattern for a border or a wall hanging featuring man's best friend.

$ 8.00

AB1016 - Alices Harvest Scarecrow E2E

A vintage-style pattern designed to be used edge to edge or as a motif.

Provided 12" high, we tested this pattern from 8" to 16" with excellent results. The pattern is great for a halloween or harvest themed quilt. It is sophisticated enough for an wallhanging or whimsical enough for a child's quilt.

$ 12.00

AB1017 - Alices Pumpkin Kitty E2E

A vintage-style pattern designed to be used edge to edge or as a motif.

Provided 12" high, we tested this pattern from 8" to 16" with excellent results. The pattern is great for a halloween or harvest themed quilt. It is sophisticated enough for an wallhanging or whimsical enough for a child's quilt.

$ 12.00

AB1018 - Alices Aztec Birds E2E

A classic-style edge to edge pattern.

Provided 10" tall, this pattern is just under 25" wide. We tested it from 5" - 15" with no issues. The long repeat creates more visual interest on a larger quilt. The design also has somewhat of a southwest feel, so it can also be used on quilts where a native-style design is desireable.

$ 12.00

AB1019 - Alices Simple Sea Creatures E2E

Simple silhouettes of sea creatures in an edge to edge pattern.

Provided 12" high, this pattern is just under 18" wide. The simple outlines of sea creatures are woven together in this very fast sewing design. We tested this pattern from 6" - 14". Our concern with going larger is that the outlines may create large unquilted areas, so please test before sewing larger on your quilt.

$ 12.00

AB1020 - Edge to Edge Christmas Celebration

A seasonal mix and match collection featuring Edge to Edge patterns PLUS Motifs.

This superb collection features 9 Motifs and 9 edge to edge patterns PLUS a blank ornament that you can add your own decoration to! Try a monogram to personalize a quilt even further. Motifs are provided at 8" in their largest dimension, and the edge to edge are provided 10" high. We tested the E2E at 7" - 15" and they sewed beautifully. This set is MIX AND MATCH which means that all the E2E patterns in the set start and end on approximately the same point. They can be strung together to create a custom row, or used to created a "quilted" row quilt.

$ 54.00

AN1001 - Dinosaur Meander - Pantograph

Continuous Design for all-over quilting featuring 4 different dinosaurs

A 2 line design with staggering. PLUS THE INDIVIDUAL DINOSAURS as BMPS for other pattern usage. Minor amounts of overstitching for details, but the loose meander makes it a "quick stitch". Each patterns unit is provided 8inches high in all formats plus an additional 5inches version for the PC Quilter.

$ 7.00

AN1002 - Running Horse 1 - Pantograph

Continuous line pattern features a detailed outline of a horse.

Continuous line pattern features a detailed outline of a horse. Three versions of the pattern are included, The two continuous repeating patterns sew left to right, but in one the horses are facing left and the other one they are facing right. A motif is now also included. REDIGITIZED at 8inches for all formats PLUS a special 5inches version for the PC Quilter.

$ 3.00

AN1003 - Stylized Horsehead 1- Pantograph

A modern, geometric style horsehead sewn as a continuous pattern

A modern, geometric style horsehead sewn as a continuous pattern. This pattern is 5inches high in all formats and is easily adjusted in size. Two different versions are included

$ 4.00

AN1004 - Jungle Parade 1

An incredible 7 line pattern featuring jungle animals - perfect for your next quilt safari!

On safari? This seven line pattern features two different elephant rows, lions, giraffes, monkeys, hippos and rhinos. order. All animals are continuous line patterns and are facing right with overstitching to allow for detail and sew left to right. We have also enclosed motif versions of each pattern. That's 14 patterns in all. Completely redigitized with patterns provided 8inches high in all 4 formats plus a special PC Quilter version at 5inches/

$ 11.00

AN1005 - Throw Scottie a Ball - Pantograph

Our Scottish Terrier Puppy is a playful addition as a border or all over design.

A row of Scotties on their hind legs reach for a ball. There is no overstitching in this fast sewing pattern. A great repeating border for when you have limited space. Supplied 8inches high in all formats PLUS an additional 5inches version for the PCQ.

$ 4.00

AN1006 - Throw Scottie a Bone - Pantograph

This version of our Scottish Terrier Puppy will match our soon to be released DogBone stipple.

A row of Scotties on their hind legs facing each other amid bones and a ball. There is overstitching for detail on the dogs. Great for a quilt for a dog lover, a child, or your special canine. Watch for our DogBone stipple! Supplied 8inches high in all formats PLUS an additional 5inches version for the PCQ.

$ 4.00

AN1007 - Dolphin Parade 1 - Pantograph

A parade of jumping dolphins playing among the waves

This delightful continuously sewn pattern features dolphins leaping from gentle waves and diving back in! Great for a border. Supplied 8" high in all formats PLUS an additional 5" version for the PCQ.

$ 5.00

AN1008 - Dolphin Motifs 1

Two delightful dolphin motifs will add sparkle to your ocean or seaside theme quilt projects.

Two dolphin motifs, one featuring a ribbon linking the two are perfect for accenting blocks. Both motifs supplied 8" high in all formats PLUS an additional 5" version for the PCQ.

$ 5.00